Updated 2023-05-31

ReaLibrary Update Log

Introducing ReaLibrary for those who don't know:

• A toolbox that contains more than 775 track templates including 460 virtual instruments

• Over 300 effect plug-ins classified under 75 categories that you can use in Reaper

• Over 300 FXChains files in (.RfxChain) format ready to load into Reaper, including one per effect plugin

• A description of each plug-in provided by the developer

Update history:

2023-05-31 - More than 100 32-bit effect plugins have been replaced by the 64-bit version in VST2 or VST3 format.

2022-12-16 - Major update

All track templates in ReaLibrary now have a preview in .mp3 format. We encourage you to use the Media Explorer to load track templates into Reaper.

As soon as the media browser selects a preview, it will play automatically.

Make sure Tempo Matching is disabled in the Media Explorer, otherwise previews will not play at the correct speed.

If you like the preview, press down arrow to select the track template and press enter to load it into your project.

When a track template is selected in the Media Explorer, press Enter to load the instrument and Ctrl+Z to unload it.

Warning! The download of this library is divided into 7 parts.

When all files are downloaded to your computer, only unzip the first one, named ReaLibrary.part01.rar, with 7-zip software, and all files will be automatically merged and unzipped.

You can download 7-zip here.

Please read the readme.html file carefully, in order to follow the installation procedure

Here's what's new

01 - Drums

1. Afroplug - Afroplugin

Afroplugin is a drum kit rompler designed for making great african beats : Dancehall, R&B, Reggaeton, Zouk, Compas, Afrobeats and more.

• 120 sounds.

• 10 Presets.

2. Pepto Audio - DR-84

DR-84 is a drum kit rompler that brings together the sounds of the most popular drum machines of the 80s.


Features Linn Drums, Roland TR-707, E-MU Drumulator, Oberheim DMX, Yamaha RX11, and the Simmons SDSV module.


It also includes 3 modern synthwave/retrowave kits. Except for the synthwave kits, the samples are unprocessed to preserve the original feel.

• 14 Kits in total.

• 6 Drum machine kits.

• 1 Electronic drum module kit.

• 4 Hybrid kits.

• 3 Modern synthwave kits.

• Built-in reverb.

• Low-pass filter.

• Pitch, trim, pan & volume controls per drum piece.

• Master volume knob.

• Multi-output selection.

3. Ronan Fed - RF-PADS

RF-PADS is a drum rompler featuring modern kits.

• 12 Drum Kits.

• 16 Pads.

• 16 output audio channels for each pad.

• MIDI note assignments to Pads.

• Main Reverb, Filter (LP and HP), Compression and Volume.

• Volume, Panning, Tune, Distortion, Saturation, Stereo, Amplitude ADSR,  Filter (LP and HP) and EQ for each pad.

05 - Acoustic Bass

1. Sound Magic - Sienna Bass

Sienna Bass is an acoustic bass guitar.

08 - Keys

1. GTG - EP 2008

EP 2008 is an electric piano.

09 - Organs

1. Quilcom - Rank Two

Rank Two is a synthesizer designed specifically to simulate the sound of a row of pipe organs.

A rank is a unique set of similar-sounding tuned pipes assigned to a chromatic scale typically spanning 5 octaves. Usually more than one rank constitutes a "Division" and a Division will be assigned to a manual keyboard, with the ability on a real organ to couple Manuals/Divisions together so that the performer can play multiple ranks and divisions simultaneously.

The Rank Two plugin is intended to have multiple instances in the DAW to give a "mix" to create a fuller sound. However, a single plug-in instance is capable of a wide range of comprehensive sounds, as demonstrated by some of the provided presets. Using extensions is an easy way to create a big sound with fewer instances running in the DAW.

Physical modeling is used for wind/pipe interactions and additive synthesis based on sine waves for the sound itself. These two sound generators interact in terms of amplitude, and the resulting sound was tuned at the design stage to produce results close to the real sets of pipe samples I've auditioned. The Reed section uses one of 15 Reed waveforms, created in my Quilcom Wavemaker 4, to drive a bank of resonant, harmonically tuned filters with very high Q, to give a more defined and controllable spectrum.

2. Lostin70s - HaNon B70

HaNon B70 emulates the famous Hammond B3 drawbar organ coupled with a Leslie 122 rotary speaker.

It is based on the physical emulation of the 91 tone wheels, which run continuously at low CPU cost. This allows for natural keyClicks and simple synthesis at low cost.

The Leslie emulates a tube preamp, a tube power amp and 2 rotors with early reflections in the leslie box.

• 91 permanently active tone wheels.

• Simulation of the tube and drive amplification stage to "crunch" the organ.

• Natural (but adjustable) key clicks.

• Adjustable percussion level, decay and harmonic.

• Adjustable reverberation.

• Chorus and Vibrato.

• L122 frequency response.

• Leslie slow/fast on MIDI controller 1 message.

• 2 channels and two sets of drawbars and a split with MIDI learning for playing with a single keyboard.

• Compatible with 44100, 48000, 88200, 96000, 176400 and 192000 Hz.

10 - Guitars

1. MonsterDAW - MONSTER Guitar

MONSTER Guitar is a free VST guitar with various Preset, including acoustic and electric guitars.


It covers multi music genres, from Reggae to Pop to Rock and everything in between.

16 - Ethnic and World Instruments

1. Quilcom - SIM-DIDGE

SIM-DIDGE is designed to simulate sounds of the Australian aboriginal Yidaki, better known as a didgeridoo,  using synthesis methods only, along with optional vocal input.


The SIM-DIDGE aims to provide a subset of some typical sounds, but since the player relies so heavily on vocal techniques I provided a microphone “VOICE” input. This can add your vocalisations which can be lip-gated or direct into the tube for “beat boxing”. To synthesise all possible vocal sounds would be an immense task, calling for a voice synthesiser which would be immensely difficult to create and to program by the user. So I hope you find this more of a fun plugin which can create sounds suggestive of the instrument, rather than a full-fledged all-encompassing emulation.


Another element in traditional and modern Didge music is when the player taps a rhythm, usually on the tube using a piece of wood. The SIM-DIDGE provides for this TAP sound. The synth can generate a wide range of percussive sound ranging from a drum, through a tube strike to tap sticks.

18 - Orchestral VSCO-2-CE

VSCO-2-CE is an open-source orchestral library.

It contains 75 TrackTemplates. All the instruments of the orchestra at your fingertips.

21 - Synth

1. L-Day - Athmonova2

Athmonova2 is a 2 oscillator synthesizer. 

• 1 OSC with saw/tri/pwm + 1 Subosc in different Modes.

• 1 Noise OSC.

• 1 Filter with LP/HP/BP/Formant.

• 1 Lfo with different Routings and Delay/Depth.

• 3x ADS/r Filter/Mod/Envelope.

• 1 Overdrive/Distortion.

• 1 Pingpong Delay.

• 1 Stereo Widener.

2. GTG - 44 S

GTG 44 S,  Old skool analog six voice with a very fat sound.

3. GTG - MX 2008

MX 2008 is a pads and FX synthesizer.

4. Krakli - RMPx

RMPx is a hybrid physical modelling and ensemble synthesizer.


The Phys-mod section especially enjoys being played with a touch sensitive keyboard and can conjure up very accoustic sounding patches which respond to your playing style beautifully.

5. Meat Beats – Orbhits

Orbhits is a E-mu Orbit 9090 rompler.

170 retro hits, stabs, pads and bass sampled from the classic 90s yellow hardware rack unit.

Includes attack & release, vintage reverb and pan modulation controls.

• 40 Χ bass.

• 60 Χ chords.

• 20 Χ hits.

• 30 Χ pads.

• 15 Χ SFX.

• 5 Χ vox.

Here are the download links :

Download ReaLibrary Part1 here.

Download ReaLibrary Part2 here.

Download ReaLibrary Part3 here.

Download ReaLibrary Part4 here.

Download ReaLibrary Part5 here.

Download ReaLibrary Part6 here.

Download ReaLibrary Part 7 here.

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