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DrumAccess (Drum Libraries)

Welcome to the DrumAccess libraries page

We are very happy to present our virtual batteries, usable by everyone, but specially designed for the blind.

We recently noticed that several Drum VSTi developers had completely overhauled their interface, rendering their products unusable, even with the LBL extension for NVDA.

We have therefore decided to do without these companies which, despite multiple attempts on our part, remain deaf to taking into account the accessibility of their graphical interfaces.

So we're announcing the release of a series of drum libraries, which we hope will meet all your needs.

Documentation and Tutorials.

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60,00 € each

Pearl's Masters series has always been synonymous with the best in professional instruments for the studio drummer. In creating the Masters Maple kit, Pearl has created a refined representation of Masters' 25-year history in one package. With almost unlimited features, the Pearl - Masters Maple library from DrumAccess is the drum kit you need in your recording or stage environment.

EvenPly-Six shell : This premium six-ply North American maple shell incorporates reduced thickness cross-laminated plies. This 28% thinner shell produces the tonal purity and increased resonance of Pearl's legendary Masters MMX, while projecting with the vibrant power of the thicker MRX series.

Nothing better than an audio demo, go under the library description to listen to what can be done with the Pearl - Masters Extra Maple Kit.

This library contains the following kit pieces:

  • Kick - 18x22 Inches - Pearl - Masters Extra Maple, with 8 microphones
  • Snare - 6.5x14 Inches - Metro Drums - Jarrah Ply, with 7 microphones
  • Hi-Hat - 14 Inches - Zildjian - A Custom Mastersound, with 4 microphones
  • Ride - 21 Inches - Zildjian - K Crash Ride, with 3 microphones
  • Tom1 - 8x10 Inches - Pearl - Masters Extra Maple, with 4 microphones
  • Tom2 - 9x12 Inches - Pearl - Masters Extra Maple, with 4 microphones
  • Tom3 - 13x14 Inches - Pearl - Masters Extra Maple, with 4 microphones
  • Tom4 - 16x16 Inches - Pearl - Masters Extra Maple, with 4 microphones
  • Tom5 - 16x18 Inches - Pearl - Masters Extra Maple, with 4 microphones
  • Splash - 10 Inches - Zildjian - A Custom Splash, with 3 microphones
  • Crash - 16 Inches - Sabian - HHX Evolution Crash, with 3 microphones
  • Crash - 20 Inches - Zildjian - Avedis Vintage Crash, with 3 microphones
  • Crash - 20 Inches - Paiste - 2002 Black Label Vintage Medium Crash, with 3 microphones
  • China - 19 Inches - Sabian - Paragon Chinese, with 3 microphones
  • Crash - 18 Inches - Sabian - HHX Evolution O-zone Crash, with 3 microphones
  • Stack - 12x14 Inches - Meinl - Generation X X-treme Stack, with 3 microphones

Audio Demos

The demos we offer are guaranteed without any additional audio processing, what you will hear will be the raw drum sound.

Individual Kit Pieces

Rock 1 Demo


So that you don't face any problems while downloading your library, we have separated it into 2 parts.

Once your order is confirmed, you will receive an email containing your 2 links, which will allow you to download the zip files from The library.

Download all the files and then just unzip the first one, part 001.

All files will then be unzipped automatically.

Please note, you must use the 7zip software, downloadable here , to unzip the DrumAccess library files.


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