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Welcome to the ReaperAccessible website.

This page is dedicated to the download links for all available bundles offered free by ReaperAccessible.

Collecting these resources together is an ongoing collaborative project managed by ReaperAccessible

Navigate by headings to jump to the start of the description for each offering, or just hit Tab to jump through links if you already know what you're looking for.

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What's new

2023-10-27 - ReaperAccessible KeyMap migration to Reaper 7.

2023-09-21 - ReaperAccessible instrument libraries store. Click here to open the store.

2023-05-31 - ReaLibrary update, Click here to see what's new.

2023-05-12 - CSI folder update, Click here to see what's new.

2023-05-12 - Added .rpl file from Oeksound - Spiff - VST3

2023-05-12 - Added .rpl file from Neural DSP - Archetype Rabea - VST3

2023-04-04 - CSI folder update Click here to see what's new.

2023-03-28 - Added FXP file of Falcon soundbanks

2023-03-28 - LBL and LBL OCR update for NVDA 2023.1.

2023-03-05 - LBL update version 1.19, Sibiac update for Melodyne 5

2023-02-28 - Added RPL file of Archetype Petrucci from Neural DSP

2023-02-27 - Big update of all audio loops folder.

2022-02-24 - Added FXP and previews in the EZKeys bundle from Toontrack.

2022-02-22 - Added several bundle of MIDI loops.

2023-02-20 - Added 5 packs of impulse responses.

2023-02-18 - Added RPL file of Virtual Pianist Vibe from UJAM Instrument

2023-02-18 - Added RPL file of Virtual Pianist Vogue from UJAM Instrument

2023-02-17 - Added 4 RPL file of Dragonfly plugins

2023-02-17 - Added RPL file of Neo-Soul Keys Studio 2 from Gospel Musicians

2023-02-17 - Added RPL file of MetaTune from Slate Digital

2023-02-17 - Added RPL file of Addictive Keys - Grand from XLN Audio

2023-02-07 - Added FXP bundle of Altiverb 7 plugin from Audio Ease

2023-01-31 - CSI Update See what's new here.

2022-12-31 - Added rpl file from Gospel Musicians

2022-12-31 - Added rpl file from Neural DSP

2022-12-23 - Added Vember Audio - SurgeXT NKS files.

2022-12-16 - ReaLibrary Update.

2022-12-16 - LBL update for Kontakt 7 Full

2022-12-07 - Added rpl file of Amped - GNR from ML Sound Lab

2022-12-07 - Added rpl file of Amped - Humble from ML Sound Lab

2022-12-07 - Added rpl file of Amped - VX30 from ML Sound Lab

2022-12-07 - Added rpl file of Ampbox from Mercuriall

2022-12-06 - Added Perfect Space Impulse Response.

2022-12-05 - Added rpl file from Waves and ML Sound Lab.

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