Update 2023-06-15

CSI update log

Here are the latest updates:

2023-06-15 - Added tutorial 01.1 - Setting Parameters of the Behringer X-Touch Universal Control Surface

2023-06-15 - Added the .zon of Neural DSP - Archetype Tom Morello - VST3

2023-06-15 - Community .zon file, ReaEQ with lua scripts by Keith Rempel

2023-05-12 - Improved CSI .zon file of Archetype Petrucci - VST3

2023-05-12 - Added the .zon of Neural DSP - Darkglass Ultra - VST3

2023-05-12 - Added the .zon of Neural DSP - Fortin Cali Suite - VST3

2023-05-12 - Added the .zon of Neural DSP - Fortin Nameless Suite - VST3

2023-05-12 - Added the .zon of Neural DSP - Fortin NTS Suite - VST3

2023-05-12 - Added the .zon of Neural DSP - OMEGA Ampworks Granophyre - VST3

2023-05-12 - Added the .zon of Neural DSP - Parallax - VST3

2023-04-04 - Added the .zon of Audio Ease - Altiverb 7

2023-04-04 - Added the .zon of Neural DSP - Archetype Petrucci - VST3

2023-04-04 - Added the .zon of Neural DSP - Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+ Suite - VST3

2023-02-02 - The Value of each pan step is now 1% at each notch.

2023-02-02 - Rotary Left or Right is now spoken in help mode.

2023-02-01 - Fixed bug with Rotaries Track Pan.

2023-01-31 - Major update

Clic here to download the CSI Bundle.

Hi X-Touch users,

Here is a big update of the CSI bundle.

Don't hesitate to send us your .zon file so that it can be added to the CSI bundle.

Update installation procedure.

This update requires the complete reinstallation of CSI.

The tutorials related to the installation of CSI have been redone.

Follow the tutorials carefully.

Compatibility issue between certain automation mode and OSARA.

We have always had a behavior problem with control surfaces and certain automation modes and OSARA.

For the moment we are not yet sure if the problem comes from OSARA, Reaper or the API of the control surfaces.

The only certainty is that it does not come from the control surfaces themselves because we all have the same problem, even if the surface is not plugged into the machine.

But we have dissected the problem and have made tones of tests in order to find the source of the problem.

We have found that there are 2 automation modes that do not cause this problem. Trim/Read and Write.

All the others have the same behavior you are familiar with, either speaking volume values ​​​​of selected tracks or envelopes and this randomly.

But the problem is even worse. Example :

If I display a track envelope and I activate the action OSARA: Toggle Report changes made via control surfaces, the toggle of this action announces the value of the track envelope once on second presses.

When OSARA is supposed to say enabled Report changes made via control surfaces, the track envelope value is spoken instead.

The problem is so severe that it announces the first point value of any type of envelope even when pressing F4 to open the list of actions.

Same behavior when opening the FX window.

If you activate a volume envelope, OSARA will speak 0.00, a Pan envelope, OSARA will speak Center, etc.

Same problem when navigating through the preferences tabs.

Until this problem is solved, we suggest that you always stay in Trim/Read automation mode.

Here is the procedure to be in Read/Trim mode at all times.

Of course, you will need to change the track automation mode in your existing projects, but for new projects, the problem will be solved temporarily, while we tries to fix that issue.

So, in the preferences, select the Track/Send Defaults tab.

Press Tab until you find HardWare Output: Default automation mode: it is a drop down list, select, Trim/Read, The default automation mode for new tracks.

Now next step, after recording an automation write pass, automation can automatically switch to a different mode (to avoid overwriting just-written automation).

Still in the preferences, select the Automation tab.

Press Tab until you find After recording automation in write mode, on repeat/seek/stop, Dropdown List, select, Switch to trim/read.

So, the problem will be less boring.

Do not hesitate to report behaviors you encounter, other than those mentioned above.

Click here to report behavior.

Added several actions in Global View.

Several actions have been added, I invite you to activate the help mode to discover all the new features.

We added additional help when an action is assigned to a button in combination with a modifier like Shift, Option, Control or alt.

NVDA will tell you that a combination is available.

We have added a page dedicated to editing.

You can now use the X-Touch to edit your track items.

Here's how to access it and discover the features.

1.       On the row below the screen, press the first from the left, MidiTracks button, to open the Edit page.

2.       Press NameValue, the button on the left side of the screen to activate Edit Help.

3.       Press MidiTracks button again to exit Edit View, or GlobalView to return to Global View.

In order to take full advantage of the functionality of the Edit page, you must install the ReaperAccessible scripts.

No need to assign them keyboard shortcuts. You just need to load them into Reaper.

You will find all the details below.

Feel free to send us your action suggestions for the Edit page.

The modifier lock status is now spoken.

When you quickly press a modifier (Shift, Option, Control, Alt or Flip) it locks.

That means it stays down.

If you press again quickly, it unlocks.

The status of these is now stated.

If you press and hold, Lock is not spoken but as soon as you release, Unlock will be spoken.

If you press quickly, Lock is spoken and if you press again, Unlock will be spoken.

This allows you if the modifier is locked, to use actions combined with this modifier without having to hold it down.

Envelopes at your fingertips:

We have added several actions related to envelopes on the X-Touch.

To locate it, press NameValue, the button on the left of the screen, to activate Help mode and press Control quickly to lock it.

All actions related to envelopes are in combination with the Control modifier.

Press Control again quickly to unlock it and return to normal mode.

We have improved the behavior of folder tracks.

There was a delay when pressing F4 to show folder tracks only. It's much faster now.

In addition, it is now possible to collapse or uncollapse any folder.

Here are the procedures:

1.       Press F4 to display track folders only.

2.       Select track folder by pressing Select above track folder fader.

3.       Press F6 to open the folder track and F7 to close it.

The tracks in this folder will be displayed and the following track folder s will be shifted to the right.

You can also display all tracks, all track folders closed with F5.

Work in progress on Track Receives and Track Sends.

F1 allows you to display only the sends of the selected track.

Same thing with F2 which allows you to display only Track Returns.

Unfortunately, OSARA does not speak with Sends and Returns track with an control surface.

But it is now possible to speak the number and name of the track to which you send and receive the signal by pressing RecordArm of the track send.

We are therefore working on the vocalization of this part of CSI in order to have vocalized feedback for the volume on the Faders, Pan on the Rotaries and Mute on the Mutes buttons.

We added a help zone in FX Menu View:

We have added several actions in the FX Menu View, press NameValue, the button on the left of the screen to activate the FX Menu Help.

You will be able to discover the new features.

The plugin name of each slot is now spoked by NVDA in the FXMenu view:

In the FX Menu, it is now possible to have the name of the plugin spoken on each slot.

Press RecordArm1 to speak the plugin name on slot 1, RecordArm2 for slot 2 etc.

This lets you know which plugin is in position 1, 2, 3, etc in the FX Chain, before loading the plugin's zon file on the X-Touch.

You can also use the JogWheel to select an FX Slot.

In this case, once the plugin is selected using the JogWheel, use the Scrub button to load the plugin's zon file announced by NVDA.

By using the JogWheel to select a plugin in the FX chain, you shift the faders one position either to the left or to the right.

So, for example, if you turn the JogWheel one notch to the right, the pronounced plugin will be on stip 1, or if you prefer, fader 1.

If you prefer to use the RotaryPush to load the plugin rather than the Scrub button, then you must press RotaryPush1 to load the plugin.

It is now possible to change position of an plugin in the FX Chain.

If you want to change the position of a plugin in the FX chain, here are the procedures.

1. Press Alt quickly to lock it.

2. Use BankLeft or BankRight to select the FX you want to move in the FX chain.

3. Use ChannelLeft to move the FX up one level in the FX chain and ChannelRight to move it down.

The name of the plugin will be stated and its position in the FX chain.

4.       Press Alt to unlock it.

We have created custom scripts for CSI.

We have created more than 15 scripts dedicated to CSI.

Scripts allow us to either vocalize actions that are not by OSARA or create actions that do not exist in Reaper or ReaPack.

As these actions are vocalized by OSARA in the future, they will be replaced by Reaper actions and these scripts will be removed from the list in future CSI updates.

You need to install the scripts in order for it to work in CSI.

Installation procedure below.

Here is the name of the scripts and their description:

ReaperAccessible - CSI Envelope - Decrease Envelope Point Value by 1

ReaperAccessible - CSI Envelope - Increase Envelope Point Value by 1

These actions allow you to increase or decrease the value of a selected envelope by 1, regardless of the type of track or item envelope with Control+JogWheel Left or Right.

ReaperAccessible - CSI Envelope - Toggle Bypass Envelope

This allows you to bypass the selected envelope with Control+Zoom.

ReaperAccessible - CSI Envelope - Toggle show all envelopes for tracks

This allows you to show/hide all the envelopes of the selected track with Control+Read.

ReaperAccessible - CSI Envelope - Toggle show envelopes for all tracks

This allows you to show/hide all the envelopes of all tracks with Control+Write.

ReaperAccessible - CSI FX - Delete selected FX of selected track

This allows you to remove the selected FX with Alt+Replace.

ReaperAccessible - CSI FX - Select previous FX of selected track

ReaperAccessible - CSI FX - Select next FX of selected track

This allows you to select the next or previous FX in the FX chain with Alt+BankLeft or Right.

ReaperAccessible - CSI FX - Move selected FX one position up

ReaperAccessible - CSI FX - Move selected FX one position down

These move the FX one position up or down with Alt+ChannelLeft or Right.

ReaperAccessible - CSI FX - Speak name of selected FX on selected track

This allows you to speak the name of the selected FX with Alt+Marker.

ReaperAccessible - CSI FX - Toggle bypass selected FX on selected track

This enables/disables the bypass of the selected FX with Alt+Nudge.

ReaperAccessible - CSI Grid - Select previous grid division

ReaperAccessible - CSI Grid - Select next grid division

These allow you to select the type of grid division with Alt+JogWheel Left or Right.

ReaperAccessible - CSI Grid - Speak current grid division

This speaks the currently selected grid division with Alt+Zoom

Note that you can move the edit cursor by grid division with Alt+Rewind and Alt+FastForward.

ReaperAccessible - CSI Misc - Speak project tempo and time signature, at current position

This one speak project tempo and time signature, at current position

Do not hesitate if you have ideas for action, they will be considered in the next update.

You can reach us here.

ReaperAccessible script to be more efficient when creating zon files.

We created a script to copy the multi-step values​of a plug-in parameter to the clipboard.

This allows you to quickly copy and paste the values of a multi-step parameter into your .zon file when creating it.

Example, the “Bank” parameter.

The “Bank” parameter is often available with plugins in VST3 format.

It allows us to change presets directly on the X-Touch.

The plugins from Waves are a good example.

Each preset corresponds to a value between 0.0001, and, 1.0000.

Waves often offers more than 50 presets. No need to tell you how long it takes to add one by one all the values corresponding to each preset.

With that script, you just have to change the parameter value once, exit the OSARA parameters menu and trigger the script with hotkey of your choice.

The script tells you the number of steps detected and as soon as you press Space to close the popup, all step values are instantly copied to the clipboard.

The symbols left bracket before the first value and the right bracket after the last value are already in the clipboard, you don't even need to add them.

Now all you have to do is paste the values into your zon file.

Warning, the script works only if the developer has correctly exposed the values of the plugin to the DAW.

When the plugin is not coded properly, that script may not work.

You will find the script in the ReaperAccessible CSI Scripts folder.

Its name is ReaperAccessible - CSI Tool - Last Touched Param Steps.

Here are step by step procedures to install the script in Reaper.

Note that a tutorial has been offered for this purpose.

1. Copy the text of the next line, press Windows+R, press Ctrl+V to paste the text, and press Enter.


2. Press R to select Reaper folder and press enter.

You are now in Reaper's resource files.

3. Press S to select Scripts folder and press enter.

4. Go back to CSI 2.0 For Behringer X-Touch Universal folder, select the ReaperAccessible CSI Scripts folder and press Ctrl+C to copy.

5. Press Alt+Tab to return to Scripts folder in Reaper's resource files.

6. Press Ctrl+V to paste the ReaperAccessible CSI Scripts folder in this location.

Now you need to load the scripts into Reaper.

How to load ReaperAccessible scripts into Reaper.

1. Open Reaper.

2. Press F4 to open Action lists.

3. Press Tab until Section and make sure Main is selected.

4. Press Tab to New action and press enter.

5. Press up arrow until Load ReaScript and press enter.

6. Press Shift+Tab twice and press R to select ReaperAccessible CSI Scripts folder and press enter.

7. Press Ctrl+A to select all the scripts and press enter.

You are now back in Reaper.

The script are now installed.

You can now assign it a keyboard shortcut but only for the script named ReaperAccessible - CSI Tool - Last Touched Param Steps.

To do so, press F4 to open the Action window.

In the search field, write ReaperAccessible.

Press down arrow to select the action ReaperAccessible - CSI Tool - Last Touched Param Steps script and add a keyboard shortcut of your choice.

New .zon file that have been added:

Mercuriall - Ampbox - VST3

ML Sound Lab - Amped - ML Plexi - VST3

Neural DSP - Archetype Abasi - VST3

Neural DSP - Archetype Cory Wong - VST3

Neural DSP - Archetype Gojira - VST3

Neural DSP - Archetype Nolly - VST3

Neural DSP - Archetype Plini - VST3

Waves - AudioTrack Mono - VST3

Waves - AudioTrack Stereo - VST3

Waves - CLA Vocals Mono-Stereo - VST3

Waves - CLA Vocals Stereo - VST3

Waves - JJP-Vocals Mono-Stereo - VST3

Waves - JJP-Vocals Stereo - VST3

Waves - SSLComp Mono - VST3

Waves - SSLComp Stereo - VST3